The thing about bears... The thing about bears... The thing about bears...


The big bucket of portfolio projects, including recent projects and archives; agency and freelance work. If you’ve landed here to find out how I keep myself in Monsters and motorcycle parts, this is it.
Portfolio includes creative works in UI/UX design: mobile and web; web design & development; advertising and promotions: art direction, design and illustration; digital illustration and rendering.

[Free Graphics & Downloads!]

Yes, they’re free! …for the time being.
The graphics include icons and other UI graphics, symbols and swatches for Illustrator and Photoshop, vector and photographic textures, iPhone/iPad wallpapers, vector textures & graphics and more.


Sometimes I actually get to create art for myself (rare!). Check out the Galleries of sketches, paintings, motorcycles, photography, and other things I do for fun.