More than you'll ever need to know about Jeff.

I am Jeff Holter. You, most likely, are not.

Due to an acute case of A.D.D. I have many interests.
I am an Art Director, Designer, UI Designer, Web Developer and Illustrator. Those are the hats I wear when I’m making a living and applying for jobs.
I am also an engineer, a fabricator, a motorcycle and auto mechanic, a horrible carpenter, your stereotypical Artist and a few other things. Most of my time is spent in front of my Mac these days but I’m frequently found with a pencil, paintbrush or welder in my hands when I’m offline.
I live to design, illustrate, fabricate and create, which I do from my home studio in Clarkston, MI. A few years back I just went ahead and barricaded myself in so that I could focus on my work and side projects without distraction. My family just shoves food through a little hole in the wall and I come out once a year for my cross-country motorcycle trips, unless I see my shadow.


Everyone has a Superpower: Mine is the ability to recognize and name hundreds of celebrity voices in 10 words or less.
I have an extremely rare and obscure disease called “Font Tourettes”: An Art Director’s disease that means I annoy family and friends when I compulsively name fonts out loud and point out bad typography (tracking, kerning, etc.).
I love traveling to other countries, photography for fun, and the only things I can’t live without are my family, dogs (which are family), and motorcycle. I have an impressive hatchet collection and I never go anywhere without my Leatherman. I would do almost anything for sushi but my favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner.

J. Holter Resumé ★ 2015

Visit my iCloud Resumé page for detailed information on my professional employment status and history, education, and skills as an Art Director, Designer, Developer and Illustrator. The iCloud page provides viewing, printing and downloadable options in any format.

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