Adobe Illustrator Symbols

Now, with all the possibilities and potential uses of the Symbols, aren’t you at least a little bit curious as to how they can be beneficial to you? Aren’t you wondering how you can use them to make your long day behind the glowy glow of your monitors a bit easier and more productive? I would be. Then I would wonder how. So here’s how it works…

Creating a library.

So you have a handful of beautiful little images that you would like to have quick access to because you’re tired of searching through piles of old Illustrator documents for that one particular graphic, which never seems to be where you left it.

First, you open the Symbols panel under the ‘Windows’ menu so you have it open right on your artboard (see Figure 1).


Figure 1

Then you take these little graphics you’ve created in Illustrator and drag them one by one right into the Symbols panel (Fig.2). To your left is an example of the iOS Location Settings icon that I frequently use and have added to one of my libraries as a Symbol. Just because I like you all so much, I’ve included that icon along with a few other iOS 5 settings icons in a small sample library of Symbols at the end of this post… so stick around!


Figure 2

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