Adobe Illustrator Symbols


Figure 3: Symbol Options

This prompts a little window to open (see above – Fig.3) asking you to name your Symbol (each one has to be unique) and choose between the two types: Graphic or Movie Clip. Either will be fine for this. Drag each of your graphics (if it’s complex and has several components, select them all) into the Symbols window that you want to save as a Symbol (as many as you want) and when you’re all done, you’ll save them.

Saving The Symbols

There are a couple ways to create and edit your Symbol libraries. The easiest and quickest way is to select the symbols you wish to save to a new library from the default Symbols panel (see Fig.4 below) and choose ‘Save Symbols’ (Fig.5) from the menu (icon in the lower left corner of the Symbols panel).


Figure 4: Symbols Libraries Menu


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