Backup your stuff!

What a pisser. I finally had a little time to work on my site’s theme today so I jumped right in and changed some of the action hooks in the functions page, and poof!… all my pages were redirected to the sign up page – no login at all. I had to restore my database from a version I backed up weeks ago and lost all of my recent posts and settings! I’m always the one telling everyone around me to back up their data, work, hard drives, and whatever, and now I’m the one starting over.

Oh well, live and learn. The important stuff like my work and operating system (two different hard drives) get backed up automatically every night and it’s saved my ass more than once. It only took losing all of my jobs and art files when my first hard drive crashed to learn that important lesson: I had to have the data recovered and it cost over $1200. Now I have multiple drives and a duplicate of each that back up daily.

Before I do anything major to the blog part of my site I usually back up the database. Today I thought I had it all under control since I was only changing functions in a child theme but that was enough. I really made a mess of things. So now it’s back to the drawing board on the design of this blog while the new graphics I was ready to post for downloading gets moved to the back burner.

The new graphics are on the way though. I have a few new iPhone wallpapers and a bunch of iPad wallpapers that are all new. I also have a few vector graphics ready to go. I have to wait until I get this gallery code issue sorted out. I’m working on it a little every day but I’m no PHP expert so I have to research and learn as I go. When I finish, the entire site will be running on WordPress and these updates to graphics and portfolios will be much easier. Until then, please be patient while I fumble around in my PHP and try to figure it all out.

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