I don’t spend a lot of time writing about or commenting on things that suck, but this one really twisted me off. Rembrandt toothpaste is hardly worth reviewing except for the balls those folks gotta have to sell a tube of air at a higher price than any other toothpaste on the shelves.

Take a look at the two photos I’ve included here: one is the new tube right out of the box and the other is the same new tube, squeezed to the point when the paste finally started coming out of the tube.

I couldn’t believe it. A relatively small tube to begin with, compared to nearly every other brand on that aisle, it was nearly 70% air. Rembrandt the brand has a pretty high opinion of their stuff judging by what they charge, and in the past when there was a lot more money floating around for frivolous crap like this, I wasn’t as reluctant to spend a few extra bucks on a better tasting toothpaste. In my attempts to curb frivolous spending, I’ve managed to avoid purchasing this particular brand for more than a year but I decided to splurge a bit on the last grocery shopping trip and purchased a tube of Rembrandt, only to be disappointed and outraged.

Everyone is cutting back these days in order to make it through this economic disaster we are all experiencing, consumer and manufacturer alike, but these guys are going about it in a way that just makes me think they believe we’re all so stupid that we won’t notice. When you sell a tube of toothpaste that costs twice as much as any other brand and then fill the package with mostly air, what is the message that they’re trying to send us? The message I interpreted from it all is “we are so superior that we can sell you idiots air and you’ll like it, if your soft little brains even have the capacity to notice, that is, which we all doubt very much down here, so piss off!”. At least that’s how I understood it.

Go buy a tube of this crap and I’m sure you’ll reach the same conclusion. Or better yet, don’t. Don’t waste your money, just take my word for it and forego the anger and frustration.




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