Closeups and Textures

Do you ever really look at things? You see a rusty car hood leaning up against an old barn and consider it junk, but if you look at it just right, it becomes much more. I love to study things that most folks would give a second look, and I love textures; especially old, weathered... View Article

Compositions and Nature

A variety of things I found interesting while out and about. Photos from Sturgis, SD; Devil’s Tower, Wyoming; ice storm in Michigan; Lake Superior; Murren, Switzerland; Stresa, Italy; and a variety of images from local parks around Clarkston, MI. ©HolterDesign

Mixed Media

What I consider to be my “mixed media” work includes photography and digital, enamels on water & airbrush acrylics, and sketches combined with digital vector art, for example. Sometimes it’s just not enough to paint, I have to work metal sculpture into the art and frame if necessary.