Download Manager plugin for WordPress, engineered to enrage!

The plugin is called WP Download Manager by InteliSoft Solutions

I found it while searching for alternative methods to managing the free graphics I provide on the site. There’s a wide array of other plugins out there that do the same thing, most of them for free or at least very cheap, but this one appeared to have some really nice features that definitely apply to my needs. After spending a good chunk of time browsing the details of the features and the prices for everything on their website, I decided to install their free version to see if it would be worth the $45.00 for the Pro version.
Like most plugins for WordPress, the installation is a no brainer and only takes a few seconds. Figuring out how it works is no major ordeal either. Like a pair of shoes, or any other product, the best way to find out if it’s a fit is to try it on. In this case, I spent some time reorganizing a few of my downloadable graphics files and folders and used the plugin to revise several of my existing posts with the new download links provided by the plugin’s shortcode. Overall, it worked well from what I could gather using the free plugin.

The free version lacks much of the functionality of the Pro version obviously, but what’s there is enough to give us the general idea. I compared the free version as I used it to the Pro version features they boast about on their website and was able to get a pretty good impression of how much extra functionality you get with the paid version. I pondered, considered, tested, and finally came to the conclusion that the $45 price tag was high for a plugin, but would eventually pay for itself if it saved time and made life easier. I made the purchase, and this is when things get interesting, but not in a good way.

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  1. We spent $210 for the developer version of this plugin. From the start we had issues with getting it to work correctly. Namely it was not properly saving settings in the admin, it was sporadic when rendering packages on the front end, and we were repeatedly getting a “link expired” error after using a download link despite not setting it to do so. We attempted several “fixes” provided by the author’s support team, including the immediate updating of the plugin during all this due to a bug we discovered.
    After 3-days of trying to get the plugin to work we decided to go with another solution, and requested a refund. After a considerable amount of back and forth emails from the company that developed this plugin, we were told the only way they would issue a refund is if we provided them access to our admin control panel to see if they could determine what the issues were. This was completely unreasonable to us as it is a well know fact you NEVER give your WordPress login details to a third party.
    I would highly recommend only using the free version of this plugin, and do NOT pay for the Dev or Premium versions of this plugin. If you have compatibiality issues, and do not wish to allow them access to your admin, they will REFUSE to give you a deserved refund.

    1. Unfortunately, I had many of the same issues. As I mentioned in my original post however, I had no trouble until I purchased the “Pro” version of the plugin. There was no information on their web site to say that the plugin would not work on a WordPress Multisite Network and I had to find out the hard way after a couple days of working on it and trying to get answers from their support people. They were reluctant to respond and when they finally did, it was to say they would look into it and that was the last time I heard from them.

      I don’t like to put down products or services unless it cuts into my time and/or makes me really frustrated and angry, and this ordeal did all of the above. I also don’t like resorting to tactics like cancelling payment on checks or credit card purchases, I’ve only had to do so three or four times in my entire life and this was one of them. When they stopped responding to my messages and never even acknowledged my request for a refund, I had to contact my bank and request a cancellation of payment. They investigated and found the request to be legitimate, then refunded my money. I was glad to at least get my money back for the plugin but you can’t get back all the time and peace of mind: every time I have an experience like this with a product or company I lose a little more faith and trust in the quality of service businesses are providing these days.

      As you mentioned, the free version of the plugin worked fine except for the lack of features included with the Pro versions. If you can get by with the bare minimum, it’s a perfectly acceptable option.

      I’ve been using the WP Download Monitor plugin since then but have had similar issues with it. While it works just fine on a single domain, it’s pretty much useless on a Multisite Network. I contacted the developer ( to see if there was any chance of coming up with a solution to the Multisite issue but he told me straight out that he simply didn’t have time to offer any support for the plugin. If you use it, you are on your own. That’s the kind of support some developers are backing their products with these days.

      Next up is the WP-Download Manager ( as mentioned in a previous comment by Ades. I came across it in my searches awhile back but ended up trying the other two first. Since I have someone else telling me that it’s worth a shot now, I am going to try it and see if it works any better than the other two. Lately I’ve been so busy working on apps and sites for clients that I haven’t had any time to work on my own site, let alone try out new plugins. Switching from one download managing plugin to another is a huge amount of work and time. I was really hoping to find a solution before getting into it again but it doesn’t look good.

      I would think that with all the downloadable material out there these days someone would have come up with a real solution to this problem. If I knew any more about writing plugins I would put the effort in to create the perfect WordPress download manager plugin for the masses. I guess I’ll have to figure it out in my spare time!

  2. I also spent money on the pro version of this plugin and i regret. It’s the worst plugin i used in my life. And forget about support.

  3. Hi David,

    I haven’t purchased the “PRO” version: the free one was enought to make me dumb!

    It is the bigger fake I’ve ever seen! Over 250k downloads of free version and thousands installations of “PRO” version () do not get along with bugs that should have been corrected since the first update!

    I worked on the source code of free version fixing some ridiculous bugs but after 24 hours I said stop! It is like opening a huge can of Worms!

    You can search on the Internet what people say about their customer service.

    There is an honest review about WordPress Download Manager Plugin here:

    The only discordant note: It is written in Italian.

  4. This is the worst purchase I’ve ever made. I bought the Pro version which I intended to use on a subsite in a Multisite installation only to learn that it does not work on Multisite. I emailed these guys about two weeks ago, enquiring whether the “Business” version would offer multisite support and if so how I can upgrade (since I already bought the Pro version).

    I have checked my email for the past two weeks and have not seen any response from them. I give up! If anyone knows a good Download Manager that is Multisite supported please let me know.

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