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I’m always telling my friends & family about apps/software that I’ve found, or maybe a cool new way to set up FTP folders for sharing files. I always try to convince them that it’s easy, no problem, but always get the same roll of the eyes and the “haven’t had time to try it yet”, which means I may as well move on and forget about it. When I came across Dropbox recently (my Cindy found it and showed me to be accurate), I saw immediately that this was going to be a simple, yet extremely usefull app that ANYONE can set up and get familiar with in a few minutes.

I began with the free Dropbox iPhone app that I downloaded from the app store. Setting it up is simple, and I can’t emphasize enough the SIMPLE part. Once it’s been downloaded and launched, all you need to do is provide a username and an email address and you’re good to go. I did it while I was waiting for help at a salvage yard. Then a few minutes later while I was searching the yard for parts, I snapped a couple shots of some cool junk, uploaded them to my Dropbox folder, and shared them with other people instantly. It didn’t take a lot of imagination to see the potential of the app.
For a little more control over content such as photos and folders of photos, you will need to download the desktop app. It’s as simple as the mobile app to use and install. When you need to share a batch of images with others, you simply drag the files into a Dropbox folder that sits on your hard drive like any other folder. The app puts a nifty little menu in your top menu bar (on a Mac, I’m not sure how it works on a PC) that you pull down to open your folder. Drop your files in and you’re done! Now you have access to your work wherever you are, and you can share a single file or an entire folder with as many other people you want just by selecting the file/folder and choose the “share this folder” option from the pull down menu. You then add the email addresses of the folks you wish to include, click “share folder” and you are done!
What’s really cool is that when you share a folder with someone else, or vice versa, the folder appears in their Dropbox account when they log in. No navigating through someone else’s FTP folders for your stuff. It’s accessible right from your desktop or iPhone.

It really is very simple. I love Dropbox and it’s one of the most useful apps I’ve found yet. If you need to share your stuff with other people or just want to go to work without remembering Flash drives or other portable drives, this is the way to go. I recommend Dropbox to everyone!

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