1973 Sportster Chopper

Cindy’s Sportster

2010 Updates

Finally, after a series of other distractions spanning nearly four years, the fabrication and building of the Sportster has resumed.
In the last four days I’ve managed to finish most of the frame modifications, fabricated a mount for the oil filter and began building the chain tensioner for the final drive chain. The rear fender had been all mounted and fitted before the frame updates, so that had to be refitted and a new mount fabricated for it as well, which I also finished in the last couple days.

More updates on progress to come shortly as I am spending the entire day fabricating the remaining pieces for Cindy’s chopper today.

2011 Updates


Sportster, left - chain tensioner
It’s 2011, almost 2012, and this old Sportster is still a work in progress. I was sure I would have been done last spring, but work and all the other projects got in the way, again. Winter is here and hopefully I’ll get some work done over the holidays and with any luck, it will be ready by spring 2012. It’s so close! All I need is a little time and money for the machine shop.

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