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This is a sample of the latest batch of Vector Textures from my most recent trip to Chicago. I spent 80% of my time shooting manhole covers, storm drain grates, and other utility service portals. Some would say I’m nuts. I say maybe.


Anyway, I’ve cleaned up and saved this little group just for my friends that took the time to join my ProjectPIXL Facebook app. Sadly, some of my friends have about as much use for these graphics as Stephen Hawking does welding equipment, but I’ve posted it all the same. For those who have no use for them, maybe I’ll post some nice high res photos from one of my trips through the Alps or something. I hate to leave anyone out! Next time maybe I’ll upload a Speedglass Welding helmet for Stephen.

Go ahead and click right here or click on the photo to begin downloading the zipped PDFs. The .ZIP file you will download contains 3 Adobe Illustrator based files saved as PDFs and are fully editable in Illustrator or Photoshop. Do what you want with them, they’re yours now!

I have about 50 other great shots of Chicago’s coolest manhole covers and storm drain grates, as well as some interesting building and street textures that I am in the process of converting to vector art. As soon as I get them processed, I will have them available to everyone on the downloads part of my site. I’ll keep you posted.

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