iLoader app for iPhone

Have you ever had a bunch of photos you wanted to post to Facebook on your iPhone only to get absolutely frustrated going about it one at a time through Facebook itself? It can be quite a pain in the ass. I went searching through the app store and finally found an app that does it all in one stroke, and the app is iLoader.

iLoader by Tektrify is an iPhone app for batch uploading photos and videos to Facebook. In addition to allowing you to select several images at once to upload, it also gives you the option to write captions on each image. When you’re ready to go, you can also choose to post with a comment and actually select any one of your albums to upload to. It sure makes life easier for people like me who don’t want their photos automatically going into the ‘mobile uploads’ album.

I always get excited when I find something that works well and makes my life easier. iLoader is one one of those things. If you have been looking for a way to batch upload photos to your Facebook page, I would definetely recommend checking out iLoader by Tektrify. You can also find it in Apple’s app store, just search for iLoader, and it’s cheap.