iPhone WordPress app update 2

It’s been confirmed: the WordPress iPhone app update wasn’t just an issue exclusive to my phone. This evening Cindy tried to download and install the update on her iPhone and had the same problems I ran into.
If you had the previous version of WP for the iPhone, you would get a notification that there was an update available when you launched it. Cindy and I both did the natural thing; we did the update right from within the WP app . The update link takes you right to the app store and directly to the new WP update. You should be able to hit the install button and be done with it, but that’s where the problems began.
After it downloaded and installed, the set up process seemed to go ok, and it connected to our blogs as it should. However, the first time I tried to post something, it would just hang for awhile and crash. I went through this routine a few times before I got pissed and deleted the whole thing. Start from scratch. It’s usually the solution for any problem, right?
I bypassed updating from the old app and after deleting the new update completely from my phone went directly to the app store, searched for the WP update and downloaded a fresh version. After that I was able to set up, log in and post with no trouble at all. It’s been working fine ever since. Cindy did the same thing and had the same success.
So if you’re reading this and have had trouble with the WordPress iPhone app update or are about to update, go straight to the app store and skip the bullshit we had to endure. Learn from our mistakes. And be happy you did.

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