iPhone/iPad app design


Developing apps and websites for mobile devices is totally out of control, and that’s great news! It’s a new platform and new media for developers and designers, it’s fun to work on and I hope it keeps on growing.

Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to design a few graphic elements and UI stuff for a couple developers of apps for iPhone/iPad and it’s the most fun I’ve had at work in years. I’m pretty happy no matter what I’m working on as long as I’m designing something for someone, no matter what the media is. The graphics for mobile devices however, are just fun to explore and experiment with!

The most recent projects have been designs for iLoader by Tektrify, and Project 365 by Alvin Yu. I’ve also worked on an iPhone game, “iBlabber”, which is still in development.


iLoader was my first experience working with iPhone apps. The developer (Ky Vu/Tektrify) just needed a little help with the app’s icon and “about” page. iLoader is one of few apps that I use all the time; it allows the user to connect to Facebook and upload multibple photos at once to any album on your Facebook page. It also allows the user to write comments on each photo and publish a status comment to the wall when uploading. I searched through tons of other apps until I came across iLoader, which worked so well that I deleted the others! iLoader also can upload and watch videos; a versatile and useful little app it is.

In addition to iLoader, Ky Vu/Tektrify has also developed FaceVideo, an app for browsing, watching, downloading and sharing videos on Facebook.

I am currently working with Ky on graphics for iLoader 2.0. Tons of new features are being added to the app as well as a new graphic user interface and an app icon redesign.

Go to the “Galleries” menu > iLoader gallery for more iLoader designs, published graphics as well as comps and early design explorations.

To read about iLoader or purchase the full version on the iTunes App Store, click here. Visit Tektrify.com for more information including updates, news and other apps by Ky Vu and Tektrify.

Project 365

Between the iLoader projects for Tektrify came another fun iPhone App job: Project 365 by Alvin Yu. Project 365/Project 365 PRO is another one of the few apps that I use nearly every day on my iPhone. Project 365 works a little like a visual calendar, as described on the site: “Take a picture every day of the year, become a better photographer and never forget a day in your life.” I thought it was a really cool idea and was something I had been searching for since I first got my iPhone. People like me, I mean artists and designers with ADD, need something like this to remember what we did two days ago, or two months ago on a thursday, or whatever. Until I started using this app, I couldn’t remember what jobs or projects I worked on prior to yesterday, and I would always feel like I was getting nothing accomplished. Once I was able to look back on my week, month, or year, I realized how much I actually do! Even though this app was created more to keep photographers prolific, it certainly has a bunch of other significant uses!

At the time of this writing, the update to the new Project 365/Project 365 PRO apps are still in development. You can find this app in the iTunes App Store by searching for Project 365 or Alvin Yu. You can also purchase the app from the developer’s website or read more about the app.


iBlabber is an iPhone game app that at the time of this writing iBlabber is currently still being developed. I will be posting the other designs and other graphic designs that I created for this app as soon as the app is published.