Life: In Bloom, Memorial Day 2009


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything due to the general business of spring time. This gallery is a small part of Spring 2009 captured in photographic form as I take a break from designing, fabricating, welding and grinding to enjoy the best parts of spring. This collection of Iris’s are living in one of the gardens in our front yard and I walk by them several times a day without really noticing them. Today however, everything seemed to want me to pay attention. It was a beautiful sunny day, a rare day here in Michigan, and the flowers blooming seemed more colorful than usual. They just sucked me right in and I was lost for at least an hour shooting the textures and colors of our Irises and Tulips. There’s a whole other world in those little plants when you really look at them closely. I gathered a few of the best shots for this little gallery. Enjoy!

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