New WordPress iPhone app

before I started my last post this evening, I noticed a new WordPress app for iPhone notification as I launched WP. I love new apps and updates, so I downloaded it right away. all excited about seeing the update in action, I set it up and wrote an entire entry in my blog. then came the disappointment.
After my post was finished, I went to save a draft so I could go back and attach a photo. I received a barrage of error messages about my incorrect username and password, plus a host of communication error messages to top it off. I tried several times and even went back and checked my username and password before several more attempts, all with the same horrifying results. The last resort was to start over, checking my old app for consistency, and setting up a second blog account. Same results.

Finally, I had to copy my post from the new app and paste into the old app, which is configured identically, and had no trouble at all saving and publishing my post.

Is the new app just a problem for me or is everyone experiencing the same frustrating problems? I’d really like to know. Send me your comments and/or solutions.

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