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I’m part of Adobe’s Prerelease Program for beta testing it’s apps: Photoshop & Bridge, specifically. It’s getting close to the end of the process for CS5 and will be on the market soon enough. So this week I’ve been working Photoshop and Bridge CS5 pretty hard and watching for bugs and issues. I haven’t come across many worth mentioning. In fact, it’s working great and I love it!

Back in the beta testing phase of CS4, there were tons of bugs and issues. In fact, it wasn’t until late in the testing that I was actually able to trust Photoshop enough to use while working on a live project. In all fairness, the Adobe developer team had a pretty big job to tackle with CS4 since the architecture of the software had changed radically from all previous versions. I’m amazed it worked as smoothly as it did. But it had bugs.

When I began testing CS5, I expected similar issues. I also expected I would have to switch back and forth between CS4 and CS5 in order to get my real work done. This never happened. I’ve been able to use Photoshop CS5 for all of my work with limited problems. The bugs and quirks I have encountered haven’t even been severe enough to interrupt my workflow and have been mainly little cosmetic problems. This week while working on a massive job with tons of elements to design, I was able to log more than 70 hours in a single week in front of CS5 and was fully expecting any problems I hadn’t found yet to reveal themselves. To my surprise and amazement, I really only came across one tiny issue, and it wasn’t enough to slow me down.

Now that it’s getting near the end, I think most of the issues have been logged and worked out or at the very least, recognized. When CS5 launches, I will be the first in line to purchase the Suite! There have been several new features added to Photoshop and Bridge that really make a difference. I’m so excited, I wish I could talk about them, but it’s proprietary and confidential in this phase. All I can say is that anyone who loved all the cool stuff that CS4 had to offer will be even more excited about the features that have been added in this release. Once again Adobe’s developers have really done a damn nice job. I’m just happy to be a part of the process!

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  1. Shame that Bridge CS5 has a fundamental bug which causes it to display an increasing number of My Documents icons under My Computer.

    Every time I go near it, it starts adding more.

    As I type this comment, Bridge is displaying My Computer over 100 times. I select one of them, and my selection moves randomly between the other icons – changing about every second.

    1. I haven’t seen that bug on the Prerelease forums (unless I missed it). So far I haven’t come across any bugs at all in CS5 during testing; the Bridge is actually performing very well on my machine.

      What type of computer are you running? I’d like to look around to see if any similar complaints have been posted by other folks with the same equipment.

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