Project 365

Just recently I came across another neat little app for the iPhone that I think is worth sharing. The app is called “Project 365”. It’s basically a calendar that allows you to add a photo and comments for each day.
It doesn’t sound like much based on my simplified description, but it really is a cool way to log what you do every day and be able to look back later and see what you did. Visit their website for a better description and details (
One of their suggested uses is mainly for photographers and a way to practice and develop your style. I use it to track what I’ve done all year. I couldn’t tell you what I did or what I was working on two days ago and Project 360 has helped me see just how productive I have been. I’m always busy with work or one of my many projects but I still feel lazy. After a couple weeks of tracking my days with this app, I realized just how much I actually do and couldn’t believe how many projects I had worked on in that time. Now I don’t feel so bad about taking a day off!
It’s a good learning tool for new photographers and it’s great for a visual diary of your past. I would recommend checking it out if you’re like me and have trouble remembering yesterday.