So I’ve been swimming in a sea of WordPress function calls, template files and tons of other stuff I’m learning to redesign my site and put the blog out in front as a CMS site instead of my old html based site, and I’m finally getting somewhere… I think. I’ve been wanting to convert for a couple years but just couldn’t get enough free time to focus on learning the required elements of WordPress and PHP that would make it possible: lately however, I’ve had nothing but tons of free time taking the place of all the work I used to have.

It’s coming to me much easier now and I love the flexibility of the WordPress framework. I’ve been hacking and tweaking the crap out of the default themes that come with the WP install and have found no limits to what can be done with some creative coding and styling. I think I love it and will probably never go back.

Anyway, things regarding my sites are in flux and will be for a few more days until I get it hammered into shape, so please be patient for a little while longer and it will all be over soon. When I get a little closer I will be posting some new free graphics too; they’ve been piling up for weeks and I’ve been dying to get them uploaded.