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Ai Symbols Radials (837 downloads)

After my post about the Adobe Illustrator Symbols earlier today, I decided to give away a couple more. Actually, they are on my Graphics Downloads page, but for the sake of making things easier on my friends that don’t like to click much, I am adding links to the downloads right here. You can download the Radials Symbols zipped file by clicking here or just click on the image.

One of the libraries is a set of Illustrator Symbols. I created a whole bunch of radial designs one day while trying to come up with something else entirely for a client project. In the process I ended up with a series of different radial graphics that actually make interesting little pieces of art on their own, and with a little help from some other designer who sees things from a different perspective, they could become something really interesting. They are symbol instances, so use them as I described in my earlier post and do with them what you want! Break the symbol link (control + click on a simple that’s on your artboard, select the “break link to symbol” option) and they are fully editable vector graphics that you can pick apart, rearrange, merge into other stuff, or whatever. Knock yourselves out.

Ai Swatches Carbonfiber (870 downloads)

The next one, as long as I’m in a generous mood, is a bunch of patterns that I created for my website backgrounds. Several of the patterns look like a carbon fiber texture (same as the background pattern of my site), some are dot patterns of varying frequencies, and there’s a diamond plate pattern also. Here’s the link to the zipped file: Patterns, or click on the image to get the download.
The same process applies for installing the pattern swatches into Illustrator: just drop the .ai file (after you’ve unzipped it of course) into your Illustrator app folder > Presets > en_US > Swatches. Notice the only difference is that it goes into “Swatches” rather than “Symbols”. You can also drop it into your User > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator CS4 (or CS3, or CS2) > en_US > Swatches. Activate it by going to your Menu > Window > Swatch Libraries > Patterns or User Defined (depending on which folder you put them in), and you’re good to go.

One more time in case you missed it; to get into all of my free vector graphics, vector textures, photo textures, and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator Presets, just jump over to my Graphics Downloads page and take what you want. It’s all free. One day I’ll have enough money to pay the extra fees to get my ecommerce shopping cart active on my site and I will be charging actual American dollars for some of the more complex stuff. If I were you, and obviously I’m not, I would loot the whole damn page while I’m still mentally ill.
Who knows when I’ll come to my senses? It could be tomorrow (but the improbability factor there is very high), or it could be next month. Don’t be like me; do it before it’s too late!

7 comments on “Update to Free Graphics”

  1. Ooh. Pretty.

    However, I am posting this comment to see if the gravitar I just created shows up on your blog post.
    Delete this post as soon as we know whether it does or not.

    1. It should be compatible – it’s just an illustrator PDF.
      I will check it out and either post a new version or email one to you.

      Sorry you’re having trouble. I’ll figure it out tomorrow and let you know when it’s fixed.
      – Jeff

  2. @John Mercado
    Hi John –
    I just updated the page with the textures. I also had a couple friends open those files with CS3 and they said they opened fine but did see a message about being created in a newer version.
    All the textures and other PDF files were created in CS4 but there is nothing in any of the files preventing them from opening and working in older CS versions. They are all just simple vector shapes.
    Check it out now. Let me know if it still gives you trouble.
    – J

  3. @Bear

    Thanks for getting back to me Bear! I’m back to that project again and so I checked back! I didn’t expect a reply, so thanks so much for replying. I think the file that is linked to the word patterns is just not Mac compatible or something. I downloaded, copied to my swatch folder and when I try to use in CS3 it gives me the following text in place of where the textures should be. In fact it shows me 8 separate text boxes with the text. “This is an Adobe® Illustrator® File that was saved without PDF Content. To place or open this file in other applications, it should be re-saved from Adobe Illustrator with the “Create PDF Compatible File” option turned on. This option is in the Illustrator Native Format Options dialog box, which appears when saving an Adobe Illustrator file using the Save As command.” I dunno. Anyway I downloaded the individual metal textures from your Graphics Downloads page and it works fine! Thanks so much for creating these awesome textures!

    John M.

    1. No problem John, I try to respond as quickly as possible when anyone has questions, problems or whatever. I always appreciate when folks are prompt at responding to my queries; I try to do the same.

      Anyway, the graphics you are trying to work with are just Illustrator vector graphics, not intended to be used as swatches or presets to import into Illustrator, but instead for copying & pasting into another document to use as part of an illustration or however you wish to use it.
      You can certainly use those graphics to create Illustrator Symbols presets if you want. I’ve created tons of AI Symbols & Patterns from those textures in the PDF files. If you need help doing that, don’t hesitate to ask! I’d be happy to help.

      The majority of the free graphics I provide on the site are for Photoshop but can easily be converted for Illustrator Presets (symbols, patterns, etc) as well. Since I use the graphics I create in both apps I guess I should start including more stuff for Illustrator!

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