Weapon of Mass Destruction [Softail]

Custom H-D Softail chopper. A perpetually evolving project.

Every year when everyone else is getting their bikes out for the first ride on the first warm days of spring, I’ve already been riding for a couple months and am tearing my bike apart to fabricate new parts or fix the ones I broke last fall. This was summer of 2009 and there were no broken items to repair, but I was testing a new prototype set of forward controls that I just fabricated. Below are some photos of the bike with the new controls and new pics of the latest version will be posted soon. They utilize high end mountain bike pedals for excellent versatility and comfort, as well as high quality sealed needle bearings for all moving parts, giving braking and shifting a nice tight feel with no sloppy, loose metal banging around making noise and causing poor action for the rider.

The WMD, spring 2015: Blackened all shiny, polished parts



In the middle of it all, I decided that 5 gears were not enough. I feel most comfortable at an average 90 – 100mph highway cruising speed, but that’s hard on the motor and really hard on the hearing when your exhaust is as loud as mine. Since the upgrade, I’m able to pass cars on the freeway at nearly idling RPMs. Nice.

WMD ’08

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