Weekend Update

It’s been a long week. I started out on Monday with one simple goal: pull the oil tank out of my motorcycle and get it over to the welder to fix the leaks before spring gets here. It’s Saturday now and I never even made it out to the garage.

Between lingering client website projects and the hopeless search for work, I ended up spending the entire week updating my own website and moving my blog to it’s new home on my site. A 301 redirect will ensure that no one will notice the relocation and new URL, but I think the new look is obvious.

In order to do some of the updates I was all excited about, I first needed to install the latest version of WordPress (2.9.2). Other than running into some minor issues with permissions in the database and htaccess files, both the move and the update went much smoother than I anticipated. Check one task off the list!

After all that I learned that most of the plugins I intended to use for connecting my blog to my Facebook profile aren’t up to date for WP 2.9.2. My efforts were useless it seems because I also learned that some of the same plugins require PHP 5 running on the server and it turns out that mine is running 4.7 or something. At least I’m current and ready for the day everyone else catches up!

In the middle of it all, my Mac’s startup drive suddenly was running out of free space! I found this hard to believe since I only run system software on the startup drive and store all files, data and other media on my other three internal drives as well as several external drives.
I wouldn’t have noticed right away had it not been for my TechTool utility software sending an email warning to myself telling me I was running on fumes & vapors. A better part of Wednesday was spent tracking down the source of the problem and fixing it. Ironically, TechTool not only warned me of the issue, it also was the cause of it!
TechTool 5 users may want to take note of this.

TechTool 5 checks the SMART status, disk space used/free, volume directories and trash history of all your system’s drives at intervals of your choosing for recovery in the event a drive should fail. All the information collected from the drives gets stored in a TechTool folder in your Library folder. If you set it to back up volume data frequently (I had it set to every hour on my 4 internal drives), you will soon find yourself running on empty! Depending on the size of the drive and the data it contains, each one of these hourly backups can be as large as 200mbs, or more! Lesson learned, the hard way as usual. You would think they would build in an auto-delete for any backups beyond a specified amount of time. Maybe it’s there and I just haven’t found it yet. If someone knows anything about this that I may be missing, I’d sure like to hear about it.

I didn’t list the details to the directories where TechTool stores this data, so if anyone would like to know where it’s at and how to clean it up, let me know and I will follow up with step by step instructions.

Today I finished off the week by setting up an account with a merchant resource for incorporating some appropriate advertising on my sites and hopefully it will generate some much needed revenue. I just wasn’t prepared for the ten hours it took to go through the process! By midnight I finally had my account set up and profile all filled out. I’ll finish in the morning.

So the week is over and my oil tank is still attached to my motorcycle instead of getting welded. That just gives me a goal for this coming Monday I suppose. I can’t wait to see what happens between now and then to alter my plans next week. I’ll let you know.

Have a great weekend folks!

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