Wanted: WordPress Plugin for managing free downloadable files

Next, I tried another WordPress Plugin called Download Monitor. A much simpler version of the Download-Manager plugin, but had potential. I installed it, set it up and it actually worked great on my main site/domain. On the subdomains however, I ran into more issues. The plugin worked, the download links work fine but the content Browser it has for locating content on the server doesn’t work. I had to type in URL’s to the files manually, upload, and organize manually. This proved to be just as much work as linking to my content directly like I was doing in the beginning.
I contacted the developer, Mike Jolley, to see if there was any way to make it work with a WordPress Multisite Network but after two attempts, he finally wrote me back to say that he no longer supports his plugin because his day job takes up too much of his time. WTF?

I’m sorry, but I think if you put a plugin up there on WordPress.org for public use, then you should be responsible enough to support your plugin or at the very least, add a disclaimer that lets potential users know right up front that they are on their own. Use at your own risk.
That’s just bullshit.

The Futility.

I’m out of ideas. I want to help other designers, artists, and anyone else that can benefit from some free graphics but I can’t find an efficient, effective way to do so. I work full time too, but started a time consuming project that people now use and depend on, and I will not abandon it.

I am looking for a solution. If anyone knows of a plugin for WordPress that can manage content for free downloading, please let me know. I have no problem paying for a plugin if it solves the problem and the price is reasonable, but I cannot justify paying a huge fee to license a product just to manage stuff that I provide to everyone for free! I’ll take any sensible solution, even if it’s a shopping cart/ecommerce plugin, just as long as I can view my content, uploaded or on the server, and mass manage the items.

If I find a solution soon, I’ll follow up with the details.

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